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Pomarico thanks all the musicians who have chosen their mouthpieces in these 70 years.

Pomarico celebrates 70 years of activity

Towards the end of 1949 Cosimo Pomarico, recent winner of the competition to become the principal clarinet at the new Symphonic National Orchestra of Buenos Aires, was not satisfied with the sound of the mouthpieces that were popular at that time.
These were mainly made of plastic or hard rubber, so he looked for an alternative material that could be a better sound conductor and improve the sound of musicians.
His choice fell on crystal and soon he managed to produce a few prototypes. This innovation spread very quickly among clarinetists and orchestras around the world and when Pomarico returned to Italy, he began the handicraft production of crystal mouthpiece.
Now as then, each Pomarico mouthpiece is handmade, and this explains the great success all over the world. Despite the small size of the company, Pomarico’s are very well known and appreciated by world-famous clarinetists.
Over the years we have added to the traditional crystal the black one, and more recently a new crystal named wizard, because not only it offers an extraordinary sound but has the uniqueness of changing color according to the light.
Today in 2019, on occasion of the 70th anniversary of our foundation, we asked to some of our top sponsors to dedicate a thought to the company that is like a family for them.

70 years pomarico mouthpieces

Quality and prestige

Not all the clarinettists can play Pomarico mouthpieces;
only the best.

POMARICO Art made in italy

artwork, unique, handmade in Italy

Pomarico, Quality and prestige

New! Manual control of each facing!

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